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Turn your scribbles into icons with Google AutoDraw

Have you ever struggled with drawing on your computer? Are you a frustrated artist? Or maybe you can’t find the perfect icon for your project so you try to draw? Whichever of these situations you fall under, Google AutoDraw is a must-have tool for you.

Autodraw is Google’s AI experiment, which turns your scribbles and doodles into icons or clipart. You can even download them for free! You can scribble away on your phone, tablet, or computer then the AI polishes your drawings into icons or symbols from its library. Moreover, you can add drawings to the library if the AI can’t guess what you’re drawing.

Have you ever tried playing the game Quick, Draw! online? Autodraw uses the same tech as the game does. It’s like playing Pictionary with a computer, basically. The AI learns from the drawings, which enables it to guess more correctly in the future.

On the Autodraw canvas, you can draw freehand with or without suggestions. You can also add texts in different fonts, fill drawings with colors, draw shapes, and resize objects.

Visit and get artsy!

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