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Add faces to your contacts list with Vignette app

It’s important to have a face to the name. If you’re the type of person who insists on placing photos on their contacts, the Vignette app is the one to help you out. Essentially, it’s a utility app for the iPhone that lets you add photos for your contacts without too much trouble.


Developed by Casey Liss (“Analog(ue)”; “Casey on Cars”), the app is quite simple to use. You hit search, and Vignette app will look if your contacts have a Gravatar profiles linked to their email and socials – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. From there, contacts with photos from these services can be updated. You only have to choose which contacts you want updated and select the photo you want to see on them.


In addition, if you add Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram usernames to the contacts, you’ll have their latest images on your contacts.


From a distance, sure; it may be a small concern. But when you think about it, who wouldn’t want to look at who they’re speaking to? That problem could very well end with this app.

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