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Lenovo unveils first foldable-display laptop

First, we got to see foldable smartphones. Will we see a foldable-display laptop next?

The answer is, yes. Lenovo, the world’s largest PC shipper, unveils a foldable-display laptop at a conference in Orlando. This new gizmo will be part of the ThinkPad X1 line.

This new form factor features a 13.3-inch diagonal display which folds into a 9.6-inch display. It has an OLED display with a polymer screen like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. As for the folding aspect, the device uses a torque hinge.

Then there’s the question of the keyboard. While there won’t be physical keys, it’ll feature an on-display touchscreen keyboard. There are other options as well like connecting the laptop to a third-party Bluetooth keyboard.

As for its battery, the current prototype has it on one side. This means there’s still a distinct top and bottom to the laptop.

Being part of the ThinkPad family, this laptop is aimed for people on-the-go. Aside from running on Windows, this foldable-display laptop is powered by an Intel processor and will come with Wacom styluses.

Although Lenovo has been working on this laptop for over three years, the company doesn’t plan on releasing it until 2020.

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