7,000 GrabTaxis ready for cashless rides


Grab Philippines has begun working closely with taxi operators across the country to train and help adopt cashless transactions during rides.

For many years, taxis have been largely meter-based and cash-based. With the advancements in technology, going cashless has been a tall order for many taxi operators and drivers. Within days, Grab was able to conduct training programs for thousands of taxi drivers and operators. The company highlighted the ease of using GrabPay for accepting cashless payment methods during the sessions. The company also trained the drivers about several safety and hygiene practices.

In addition to mitigating the spread of infection brought about by the exchange of cash, cashless payments will allow for contact tracing capabilities.

Starting May 22, around 400 taxi drivers from Baguio and Naga Cities will resume plying the roads. These cabs will implement contactless transactions during rides. Awaiting the resumption of public transportation in other cities, Grab has trained and prepared almost 7,000 taxi drivers.

Those interested to be part of the GrabTaxi program and undergo cashless training, go to register.grab.com/ph.

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