7 ways to keep your TV in tip-top shape

Hisense shares tips on caring for your TV.

TVs play a prominent role in our lives. From simply being a means to receive information and indulge in entertainment, having a dependable TV at home now gives people access to education, tools for fitness and wellness, hobbies and recreation, and even culture.

To keep it working well, it’s important to give your TV the care it deserves. With adequate maintenance, you can be sure that this home essential will continue to serve your family’s needs for many years.

Here are seven things you can do to keep your TV in great working condition:

Find an ideal spot for your screen

You want to keep your TV out of the sun and away from areas that are too cold or humid. Set it down on a flat, stable surface, or mount on a strong, flat wall. Also, keep your screen away from sharp objects that may scratch or damage it.

Choose an airy space

As with any appliance, a TV is prone to overheating when placed in an area without proper ventilation. It’s best to place your TV in an airy space to keep it cool as you use it.

Use a voltage regulator or surge protector

A power surge can fry the circuitry of a TV. Plug it into a voltage regulator or surge protector when connecting to a power source to prevent this from happening.

Clean it regularly

Dust can accumulate inside a TV and cause damage to its components. Insects, such as ants, can destroy electronics, too. Be sure to clean your device regularly to keep it dust- and bug-free. Use appropriate cleaning materials and a soft cloth when doing this to prevent scratches and other damages.

Use optimal brightness and contrast

High brightness and contrast levels aren’t just bad for your eyes, they can reduce your TV’s lifespan, too. Choose the optimal brightness and contrast based on the lighting conditions of your space, along with the recommended settings on your TV’s manufacturer.

Turn it off when not in use

Sometimes, your TV could use a break, too. Give it some much-needed rest by turning it off when you aren’t watching.

Send your TV to authorized repair centers

In case you experience any problems with your screen, take it to an authorized repair center right away. This way, issues can be immediately diagnosed and dealt with, preventing any further damage.

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