7 geeky moments from Stranger Things 3

Epic. If there’s one word to describe Stranger Things 3, it would be “epic.” This new season from the Duffer Brothers encapsulates what the series is about–coming of age, horror, adventure, and the good ol’ ’80s.

If you haven’t caught up to the third season of Stranger Things yet, what are you waiting for? Go to Netflix, and binge on the eight episodes. Since we’ll be discussing our favorite geeky moments from the season here, we’re slapping on a big spoiler alert here.

What we love most about the show and its main characters–Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, and Max–is that they embody the geeks of the ’80s. In season 2, they wore Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween. Plus, like modern-day geeks, they love playing Dungeons and Dragons. We’ve listed seven of the geekiest moments in the current season.

Will begging the guys to play D&D

Our kids are all grown up. Three out the four dudes already have girlfriends, can you believe it?  Only Will is missing out on puppy love, and how he copes with is it by playing Dungeons and Dragons. The problem is, the other guys don’t want to play with him. One of the geekiest and funniest moments from the series definitely is Will the Wise forcing the guys to play D&D.

Joyce and her magnets

In seasons 1 & 2, Joyce Byers had big problems – first, she lost Will, then, she got her son back but he had a parasite a.k.a. the Mind Flayer in his system. This season, Joyce faces her biggest problem yet – her magnets were falling off her fridge!

Max and El’s newfound friendship

As Madonna’s Material Girl plays in the background, Max and Eleven parade as girls who just want to have fun. The show does justice to geeky and nerdy girls everywhere showing different sides of the duo’s adventures. On on hand, you have Max and El shopping at the Gap, while on the other, they’re geeking out on Wonder Woman.

The Scoop Troop

The biggest bunch of nerds from this series has to be the Scoop Troop. Aside from nuzzling their way into our hearts with their incredible chemistry, the Scoop Troop showed off their geeky sides. In different aspects, too. First, they learned to translate Russian to English with just a dictionary. Seems like a stretch for regular people right? Then, the group discovered an underground Russian facility underneath their beloved Starcourt mall.

We can geek out more about this group, but we’ll leave it with Lucas’ 10-year-old sister Erica. Even though she isn’t a self-proclaimed nerd, this girl shared her thoughts on capitalism and My Little Pony. If that isn’t nerdy, we don’t know what is.

Back to the present?

Being a show set in the 80s, season 3 is chock full of pop culture references from the era. Most notably, the Scoop Troop finds themselves in cornered so they have to hide in a movie theater. Coincidentally, the movie showing is the cult-classic Back to the Future.

Dustin and Suzie’s duet

When Dustin first told the guys he had a girlfriend, they didn’t believe him. He described Suzie The gang, and the viewers including ourselves, were taken by surprise when Dustin called Suzie up for Planck’s constant. Before reciting the number, Suzie wanted to hear Dusty-bun sing “Neverending Story” first. The song comes from the 1980s fantasy film of the same name. This has to be one of the cutest geeky moments from the show.

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