6 tips to power up your home-based business

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Building a business from the ground up is challenging; sustaining it is a more complicated feat. While all good things don’t happen overnight, small business owners can carefully craft their own strategies to carve their path to success.

Fiber internet service provider Converge dishes out these tips to help you grow your business and reach more customers:

Power up with the right internet connection

Building your business from home requires a consistent and reliable internet connection. A study conducted by the Philippines’ leading fiber internet service provider, Converge ICT Solutions Inc., showed that 26.7% of subscribers from its consumer segment are online sellers.

Choosing the right internet for your home business is important. As you grow your business, you’ll realize that subscribing to a residential internet plan isn’t enough. This is why Converge offers various plans, both for consumers and businesses, to empower customers to choose the right plan for them.

Constantly improve and focus on your product

Ensuring that your customers trust and enjoy your products should always be a top priority. By constantly improving your product, you are making sure that your customers get the best value of their money. In the long run, this will translate into brand loyalty and conversion of more customers. 

Listen to your customers

Photo: Pexels

When you make improvements to your product, whether for new features or for existing ones, be sure that it is aligned with the interests of your customers. Equip yourself with the latest trends, customer feedback, reviews, and other suggestions from your community of clients. Always remember that your products are for them, and not for the business alone.

Know your competitors

While maintaining a quality product is always crucial, there are always other factors that might encourage your customers to switch to other brands. Thus, it won’t hurt to monitor your competitors and study the features, price points, promos, and other selling points that they offer. Knowing your competitors will put you in an advantage to position your product in the market.

Form the right team

You can’t do all of this alone. Getting the right people in your team will make things easier for business owners. Having a more collaborative culture within your team will help with the growth of your business. Just make sure that aside from skills, your team members are also equipped with dedication and passion to grow your business.

Invest in your social media presence

In this digital age, a more complicated business battle resides on social media. This is where you should take your brand, and allow for an efficient brand-building process. You can also maximize social media to create narratives and conversations about your business, which can also help you develop a good relationship with your customers.


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