6 fun ways to celebrate Christmas while staying indoors


One of the greatest ironies of this global pandemic is that, at a time when we need each other most, staying away from our loved ones is actually one of the best ways we can show them how much we care. 

Cruel, we know, especially during this Christmas season—a time when families and friends get together. But just because we all can’t be gathered under one roof doesn’t mean Christmas is canceled. We can still celebrate the holidays with only the members of our household and still make it both meaningful and memorable. As we’ve realized in the past months of being quarantined at home, a pandemic can’t stop us from showing our love and gratitude. 

Here’s how to make Christmas special while staying safe and healthy indoors.

1. Watch movies together

TV time is bonding time, especially now that we’re all cooped up in our homes. Take this opportunity to gather ‘round the TV and watch your favorite Christmas flicks or some new ones. Watch not just to be entertained, but to bond with your loved ones by talking about meaningful moments from the movies and TV shows that you watch.

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2. Show videos or a slideshow of photos

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3. Sing your heart out

Fire up YouTube on your smart TV and look up channels that offer karaoke versions of your favorite tunes, such as Sing King Karaoke and Stingray Karaoke. Or you can hook up your portable karaoke machine to your TV and sing your heart out. For better sound, pair your system with one of Devant’s soundbars.

4. Video-call with your friends and family

Since you can’t be with your barkada or relatives, why don’t you talk to them on your big-screen TV?  Anyview Cast allows you to mirror your mobile device so you can video-chat with them and even eat meals together albeit virtually.

5. Learn a new dish

Create new traditions such as baking cookies or cooking your favorite dishes together for noche buena. Watch your favorite YouTube cooking channels on your smart TV and prepare the dish as a family. Or you can set up a virtual hangout to cook together.

6. Get up and get fit

After you’ve filled your bellies with good food, get the whole family active and moving. There are many YouTube videos with workout routines that you can play onscreen to follow. 

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