6 advantages to having your Honda serviced at authorized dealers, service centers

Photo: Honda Cars Makati

As we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic, we must not forget to keep our cars in tiptop shape. You never know when you’ll be needing it for a quick essentials run or for an emergency.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) shares six advantages to having your car serviced at Honda dealerships and service centers:

1. Standard COVID-19 health and safety protocols are observed

All Honda Cars dealerships and service center observe standard health and safety precautionary measures such as daily health declaration, hand sanitizer stations, and proper and thorough disinfection in all areas.

2. Quality service based on global standards

Honda continues to provide excellent customers services through quality and standard repairs, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, highly skilled technicians and dedicated dealers staff, genuine parts assurance, and high vehicle resale value.

3. Honda’s one-stop shop experience

Honda cars dealerships and service centers offer a wide array of services in order to ensure your vehicle is on its top-notch condition. These services include Quick Periodic Maintenance, Honda Advance Diagnostic System, light to heavy body repairs, vehicle painting, tire services, and battery service.

4. Honda genuine spare parts

Part of taking good care of your vehicle is acquiring the best parts and accessories you can in order to prolong the good condition of your car. Through Honda’s genuine parts such as accessories, chemicals and lubricants, tires and batteries, you are guaranteed that the parts and accessories installed to your vehicle are long lasting and of excellent quality.

5. Affordable service packages and programs

Honda ensures that all offered services are affordable. Different cost-efficient packages such as change oil, SureSave Preventive Maintenance voucher, One Day Paint Repair, and others are available for everyone.

6. Customer service assistance

Honda ensures efficiency at all times by assisting customers with their needs such as service reminders, special lane for customers with appointment, service online booking, and after-sales follow up.

To know more about the body repair and paint services, and the latest HCPI news and promos, visit the nearest Honda Cars dealership, or access the virtual showroom through HCPI’s official website.


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