5 ways Xendit makes digital transactions easier for businesses, consumers


Apart from promoting safety because it is contactless, paying using digital methods is convenient, fast, and has low processing fees. The growing demand has encouraged businesses to implement this service in order to serve their customers.

Xendit, a leading Indonesian financial technology company that provides payment solutions, works hand-in-hand with businesses as they go on their digitalization journey.

“Xendit is a gateway unique to Southeast Asia. As a regional neighbor, we understand the local market and culture, which makes it easier for us to work with traditional businesses and startups. Today, we serve local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups, and many of the world’s largest businesses,” says Yang Yang Zhang, Managing Director of Xendit.

Here are five ways Xendit makes digital payments easier for businesses and customers:

Bill customers conveniently

Xendit can automatically bill customers through xeninvoice. The service can customize invoices by adding the business logo, a personalized message, and brand colors. The invoices can be sent to customers via a unique payment link  so businesses can accept payments easily. 

Receive payments in real-time

Customers can settle payments within minutes thanks to xenpayments. This feature lets customers pay through leading transfer methods such as direct debit, credit and debit cards, retail stores, installment plans, and e-wallets. Businesses also have access to a web-based dashboard to see and download detailed financial reports. 

Additionally, Xendit simplifies the refund process through xenpayouts, so customers can enter their preferred payment details and redeem their money without giving their bank account details. 

Scale easily

Xendit has created a seamless infrastructure to streamline complex payment flows. xendisburse can automate payouts to customers, employees, and suppliers any day of the week, even bank holidays.

Meanwhile, through xenbatch, they can create up to 10,000 disbursements in one go.

Those looking to expand can apply for xencapital, a fast and flexible financing program that allows businesses to grow.

Protect your business from fraud

Online payments can open businesses and customers to fraud, but Xendit minimizes the risk through xenshield. The in-house fraud detection system uses machine learning to assess credit card transactions and make a recommendation on the risk level. A payment can be preemptively blocked if it is judged to be too risky.

Online training and webinars

Xendit also works to educate both customers and partners to better understand not only its range of products and services, but key economic trends and current developments. The webinars for 2021 commenced last February 5 with “Business X Future: How to Thrive in the Digital World.” To stay updated on future webinars and announcements follow Xendit on Instagram.


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