5 ways to enjoy the All-New Free on Spotify

Using Free on Spotify? There’s no reason for you not to enjoy the same banging music experience Premium subscribers are enjoying.

Thanks to the All-New Free on Spotify, which was rolled out starting April 2018, users can now get more features that let you discover more artists and make your listening more tailored to your taste–all for free. It’s still ad-supported though, so expect advertisements play in between your playlist every now and then.

Let’s take a look at the five ways to make the most of the new features of the new Spotify free experience:


1. Tell more about yourself with Taste Onboarding



If it’s your first time to download the free Spotify app (available for Android and iOS), you’ll be prompted to choose five or more artists you like after signing in. This helps Spotify learn your favorite artists, songs, and genres, and allow the app to create playlists for you and tailor your home screen for easier music discovery.

Plus, the more you listen, the more fit the recommendations Spotify will give you.


2. Enjoy On-Demand Playlists

Using the data from your Taste Onboarding, Spotify gives you 15 personalized and curated playlists based on your music taste and streaming habits. Included in these 15 playlists are Discover Weekly and Daily Mixes, all of which updates regularly depending on your latest interaction with the Spotify app. What’s more is that inside any of these recommended playlists, you can play songs in any order and skip as much as you like.

You can access these 15 curated music lists right from the home screen of your Spotify app.


3. Discover new music with Assisted Playlisting

Want to make your own playlist? Create a title and then choose a few tracks to add to your new list. And while you’re doing that, Spotify is already pooling recommendations–based on the artists you intially chose, your taste profile, and title of your playlist.


4. Turn on Data Saver



Use less mobile date without reducing the listening experience by turning on Data Saver. This feature lets you stream at a lower bit rate, so you can enjoy your music with less guilt.

Note: the Data Saver is not a default setting. You need to switch it on in your settings tab.


5. “Heart”-ing and Hiding

With the all-new Free on Spotify, you can “like” songs, artists, albums, and playlists by tapping the heart icon. All your liked songs will go to the “Your Favorites” playlist and new tracks from artists you liked will appear in your Release Radar.

Meanwhile, you can remove songs from a playlist by tapping the hide icon. This ensures that you won’t hear the song or anything similar to it anymore. Don’t worry, if you want to find the hidden song again and add it to one of your playlist, you simply need to look for the song through search.

Don’t miss out on your favorite artists and songs. Enjoy Free on Spotify now!

Words Pat Calica


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