5 ways to enjoy a cool summer in your condo


Keeping yourself and your home cool during sweltering summer months can be both challenging and costly. Fortunately there are little things that can be done to make your living space less warm. Here are five easy ideas that you can try.

Care for indoor plants

Many house plants absorb warm air and release oxygen and moisture. Placing plants like aloe vera, peace lily, spider plant, and snake plant in and around your house not only makes your space more beautiful, but it also helps cool down your home.

Open up your windows

When it feels cooler outside than inside your homeㅡusually early in the morning and in the eveningㅡopen up some windows to let air flow through. Experiment to see which windows are best to open, and which to keep closed for optimal cross-ventilation.

Enjoy a cold beverage

Keeping yourself cool is extremely important when it’s hot outside. One of the simplest ways to do this is by staying hydrated. Water is your best thirst-quenching option, but you can also choose to indulge in fresh juices or smoothies, iced tea, lemonade, and other cold drinks that are perfect for summer.

Take your workouts inside

Exercising indoors during the summer months can help protect your body from harsh sun exposure and extreme heat. Be sure to choose a well-ventilated area as your workout space at home, and try to schedule your exercise time during hours that aren’t too hot.

Relax in front of the television

Because the body releases heat when you move, taking the time to relax and stay still can help keep your body and your space cool in the summer. One of the best ways to do this is to sit in front of your TV and settle in for a few minutes or hours of viewing.

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