5 useful remote tips to help you navigate Netflix like a pro

Learn these tips for your next binge-watch sesh.

Can’t get enough of watching Netflix on your big screen? These simple hacks will help you become a remote pro in time for your next movie marathon.

Remote tip #1: Find out what’s new & popular

Find yourself asking ‘what next?’ after that final episode of your favorite show? With a few clicks on your remote, you will be able to see a new menu option called New & Popular.

This menu shows four rows: Top 10, New on Netflix, Coming Soon, and a new row called Worth the Wait, which includes future movies and series that Netflix thinks you will love. What’s cool about the Coming Soon and Worth the Wait tab is that you can click on the bell icon on movies you want to see to set a reminder when it’s out.

To access this, click left on your remote and select New & Popular from the list of drop down options in the menu.

Remote tip #2: Curate your ‘My List’

Did you miss the launch of an exciting new show you’ve been eyeing all week? This is where My List comes in handy. It serves as your curated playlist and is the fastest way to watch movies and shows you’ve selected without having to search for them again. Whenever you find a title you want to watch next, click it and hit Add to My List so you won’t forget about them.

Go left or scroll down to My List from the dropdown. Or, when you’re on the main page, hit the up button on your remote to go straight to the My List row. All upcoming titles you turn on notifications for will also go to your list automatically, giving you the power to instantly access those cool new shows you’ve been itching to see.

Remote tip #3: Find titles similar to your faves

Did you know that you can discover new shows and movies without actively browsing for them? When you leave your TV idle on the Netflix menu, you may notice screensavers on your TV. But what you may not know is that these screensavers are tailored to your taste. The titles that will appear on your screensavers are similar to what you might have watched before.

If you want to actively look for similar shows or movies, check out the More Like This tab under the show’s title page. To do this, click into a title, then choose More Like This to see recommended titles based on the show or movie you’re currently looking at.

Remote tip #4: Watch exclusive footage

Can’t get enough of a show? Go to Collection to find additional clips like never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes, and interviews related to your favorite shows.

Click into the title and scroll down to the bottom part to view the collection (if available). For instance, Money Heist fans can find extras, which include the Netflix special Money Heist: The Phenomenon, a documentary on how the show sparked a global phenomenon.

Remote tip#5: Enhance your viewing experience

Watching Netflix on a 4K TV and a soundbar with Dolby Atmos? This tip is a must-do to get the best sound and picture.

First, make sure you’re on a Premium plan, which gives you Ultra HD video and Dolby Atmos sound. To check your plan, go to Account > Plan Details > select Change Plan.

If your TV is connected to your soundbar/music system through a 3.5mm jack, you’re getting stereo and not surround sound. Instead, use an HDMI cable and plug it into an ARC port or use an optical cable.

To find that next visual and audio spectacle, go to the search bar and key in Atmos, 4K, or HDR on Netflix. The titles that will show up will enable you to fully maximize the theater-like experience at home.

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