5 reasons why you should consider the Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV

The role of TV as both diversion and companion has never been more vital than today when people are required to stay at home while at the same time practice social distancing. And what better thing to be stuck at home with than a smart TV like this latest one from Samsung?

Vivid colors, high contrast, amazing upscaling—the Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV promises these and more. For a 65-inch UHD TV that costs P49,999 (if you pay in cash), that’s a lot of promise for not a lot of money.

We’ve had the TU8000 set up at home for two weeks now, and here are our thoughts so far:

Fuss-free setup

Setting up the TU8000 is pretty easy as there are no screws to deal with. You just need to slip the feet into position, connect the power cable, and you’re all set. Of course, since this is a massive TV, you’d need at least two people to prop it up.

Do-it-all remote

The sleek and slim voice remote has a few buttons. Don’t be deceived, though; this simple-looking magic wand gives you everything you need to control the many features of the TV. It also supports voice so you can summon Bixby and “talk” directly to the smart TV. That way, you don’t have to manually scroll through menu options every time you want to adjust a setting. You can just ask the AI assistant to, for example, search for content or change the volume.

Premium look and feel

This TV has what Samsung calls a 3-side bezel-less design. Basically, it means three sides—the left, right, and top bezels—are boundless and slim. The bottom bezel is a little bit thicker but still unobtrusive.

The Samsung TU8000’s chassis is made from black plastic, but it looks and feels more premium than most TVs in its price range. Even the plastic feet feel sturdy so you won’t have to worry about the TV’s stability.

Binge all you want

The TV handles color and contrast superbly and delivers sharp picture quality, especially 4K content. It upscales HD/Full HD content pretty well thanks to its ultra-fast processor. There’s a good level of detail that you can actually be tricked into thinking you’re watching native 4K content.

It could improve on the brightness, though. Watching dark movies and TV shows can be quite challenging. Same goes for when watching in a bright room. In these instances, setting the brightness level to maximum will help.

It’s got really cool features

The TU8000 features Tap View, which lets you easily cast images and videos from your phone to the TV. This is great for show-and-tell time with your family. Simply set up Tap View in the SmartThings app so you can mirror your phone’s screen to the smart TV.

There’s also Ambient Mode, which lets you show images, information such as the time or the weather on the TV when not in use. You can even set it to show the music you’re playing. It’s like a cool wallpaper or screensaver for your Samsung Smart TV.

And speaking of music, the audio from the 2-channel speaker is clear and loud enough to fill a bigger-than-average bedroom or family room.

Speed says

The Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV 65” is a great option for anyone looking for a big 4K smart TV but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash. It delivers well on all its promises. The 65” model has an SRP of P63,999, but if you pay in cash, you can get it for P49,999. If that’s too much screen for your space, there are 43-, 50-, and 55-inch models available as well.

Here are the variants and prices of the Samsung Crystal UHD TV TU8000 series. Discounts are available for cash and straight card transactions:

UA43TU8000GXXP – P27,999 (P22,999 cash)
UA50TU8000GXXP – P33,999 (P25,999 cash)
UA55TU8000GXXP – P41,999 (P31,999 cash)
UA65TU8000GXXP – P63,999 (P49,999 cash)
UA75TU8000GXXP – P124,999 (P99,999 cash)
UA82TU8000GXXP – P179,999 (P149,999 cash)


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