40 years ago, Sony Walkman changed the way we listen to music

It’s time for a tech throwback! Forty years ago, the world first laid eyes on the game-changing Sony Walkman.

To celebrate 40 years of the iconic gadget, Sony released an anniversary video on YouTube, which highlights the device’s evolution. Watch the one-minute clip below and have fun spotting players you might have owned at some point in time.

Doesn’t that video just take you back? People don’t usually talk about the cultural impact of this old gizmo, but it really changed the game.

The celebration doesn’t end there because Sony is taking the portable player’s history to Japan. In central Tokyo, Sony assembled a “Walkman Wall” featuring 230 different music players.

Cassette players like the Walkman might not be as popular anymore, but we like seeing it emerge as a pop culture easter egg every now and then. Like when it was Peter Quill’s go-to gadget in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

We have the iconic gadget to thank for changing the way we listen to music. The activity became more personal since the device’s form factor featured just a headphone jack and a cassette player.

The portable cassette player also paved the way for other portable music devices such as CD players and  Apple’s iPod.

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