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3 things to do with your family and Globe Streamwatch Xtreme

Globe has got everything you need in a home entertainment device covered with its new Streamwatch Xtreme. The Globe Streamwatch Xtreme is the world’s first all-in-one device with fast home internet, free local TV channels, and Internet TV with millions of videos, shows, and movies–and it’s just for P2,999.

“Content streaming and viewing are now one of the core activities of Filipino households. These are now how families spend quality time with one another at home,” says Martha Sazon, SVP and Head of Broadband Business at Globe Telecom. “Globe Streamwatch Xtreme is specifically designed to satisfy the Filipino customers’ cravings for the best and latest in international and local content in a more accessible, user-friendly and affordable way.”

The Globe Streamwatch Xtreme can help bring back family time in your busy home. Here’s what you can do with the Globe Streamwatch Xtreme:


1. Stream content faster

This Globe offering’s internet connection is faster, stronger ,and wider than your average pocket Wi-Fi device. The Globe Streamwatch Xtreme is a Set Top Box wherein you can select and stream content from sites like YouTube and Facebook. Also, it’s great for your family because it allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time.


2. Watch local TV channels for free

Since this device is prepaid, you won’t need to worry about monthly bill; just reload if you want more content. All the local TV channels are available for you to watch at home for free without hidden costs, so get your family together in the living room and watch your favorite shows together.


3. Sing karaoke with your family

What’s every Filipino family’s favorite pastime? Karaoke, of course. Get ready to sing your heart out with the Globe Streamwatch Xtreme since this home entertainment device is videoke-ready with two built-in microphone outlets.


Globe Streamwatch Xtreme is available in select Globe stores in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Rizal, Cebu, and Davao for only P2,999 starting December 15, 2018.



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