The heat is on at the 2021 Toyota GR GT Cup


Quench your (virtual) need for speed! Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has revealed reveals details for the Toyota GR GT (TGR GT) Cup Philippines 2021 organized by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.

The first round of races for the e-motorsport tournamentt will be held on April 30, for the leaderboard qualifiers with over 200 players participating. This will be followed by the semi-final and heat race happening on May 1.

Since launching its e-motorsport program last year, TMP’s quest for the fastest driver in the Philippines found its way into the e-sports scene where more and more Filipino gamers and fans gather, paving way for the success of many virtual battleground champions. This 2021, Toyota opens the tracks again to gather the gaming community into a heart-racing e-sports event.

Players can compete in any of the eligible classes. Starters with no professional e-sports background and affinity can join the Promotional Class. Meanwhile, those who have competed professionally in and out of the country can join the Sporting Class. Those who are 17 and below can join the Junior Class.

Members of the media and some celebrities will be joining in the Celebrity/Media class, which will be announced soon.

Participants will be going through several stages of qualifying rounds, which awards them points. The top 24 who will finish the leaderboard challenge will advance to the semi-final heat where they will receive points based on their finishing position. The top 3 winners from the semi-finals will push to the weekend’s final heat.

Multipliers are set to make the competition even more interesting. Points are then multiplied up to two times as they progress towards the final round. Racers are encouraged to join and re-qualify to earn more points and to get a chance to win their share of up to 1 million Pesos worth of prizes at stake. Champions get to take home cash prizes plus exciting gadgets and gears – from gaming peripherals to coveted digital devices that are just worth every throttle and turn.

The over-all victor of the final heat from each class will be hailed as the fastest in the Philippines and the ultimate champion of 2021 GR GT Cup. Taking all the pride and glory along with the exhilarating prizes.

Check out the full competition mechanics and sign-up by visiting the official Toyota Motor Philippines GR Supra GT Cup website. Details on schedules and prizes may change without immediate notice so be sure to hit refresh on the official website or by visiting the social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.



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