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Let MayWard school you on how to save mobile data

Need more of a Mayward fix? Then spot the new PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi video with the beloved pair of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber in the Techie Hacks Series!


The popular love team dishes tips on how to maximize free 10GB data from a purchase of the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi. Users may avail of this for a one-time payment of only P1,995. Free one-off data allocation will be valid for seven days.


In the video, Maymay explains that checking your free 10GB data is as easy hooking up your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi by going to and clicking on the Current Balance link. This will direct you to the dashboard where you can monitor your activity and usage.


Mayward also unpacks a common scenario among heavy internet surfers: losing track of your used data. Here they remind viewers of an important keyword that will save users resources and data – OFF.


One method of saving data is making sure data-consuming features and processes are shut down. Auto-refresh and auto-play videos on Instagram and Facebook can consume a large chunk of your data. You may also opt to shut off Facebook post notifications and auto-download settings for photos and videos on messaging apps.


But you needn’t fret for long. Once you’ve consumed the free 10GB, you can always reload with Home Boost 50 or any other Home Boost amount. You can also top up anytime with Home Boost 15 to get 1GB for only P15 a day.


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