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Actress, model, app developer Lyndsey Scott silences social media trolls

In 2009, Lyndsey Scott became the first African-American to land an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein for New York Fashion Week. Since then, she’s walked the runway for Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria’s Secret; did campaigns for brands such as DKNY and Sephora; and even landed on the pages of magazines such as W and Glamour.

Today, the 34-year-old splits her time between acting and building apps.

Yes, you read that right. Building apps. You see, this highly accomplished model is not only beautiful—she’s got smarts, too. To wit: she attended Amherst, a prestigious liberal arts college in Massachusetts, graduating in 2006 with a double-degree in theater and computer science.

As the ‘About’ page of her website will tell you, Lyndsey juggles her time between acting, auditioning, and modeling, and building iOS apps for clients. And yet all these accomplishments don’t seem to matter to misogynistic trolls.

We stumbled upon this Reddit thread with a screenshot of an Instagram post by Coding Engineer. The post highlights the fact that Lyndsey Scott is a “Victoria’s Secret model [who] can program code in Python, C++, Java, MIPS, and Objective-C.”



Naturally, trolls and misogynists couldn’t handle an accomplished woman in a STEM field. They were quick to leave their negative comments.


Here’s Scott’s reply:


In another comment, she explains that she normally ignores haters, but made an exception to this one in the hope that she’ll “convince at least one negative commenter” that coding is for everyone regardless of gender, race, etc.:

She also shared the exchange on her Twitter account saying, “Looking forward to the day when women in tech don’t have to go above and beyond to prove themselves.”

We hope so, too, Lyndsey. We hope so, too.

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