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The game is afoot!

Enola Holmes is now ready to stream on Netflix and there’s so much we’re loving about this new film. Given that it’s not the masterpiece that the original Sherlock Holmes movies and series were, it brings a different flavor that resonates with a younger audience, enough to probably entice them to start watching (or reading!) the previous Sherlock Holmes materials.

Here are 10 things we love about Enola Holmes :

1. It’s a delight to Sherlock Holmes fans.

We are coming to the Enola Holmes film as huge fans of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock in the BBC series that aired from 2010-2017. The series was phenomenal—and that meant we were approaching the new film with a ton of expectations and baggage. Since the new film was focused on Enola, it was a delight to see little snippets of our old Sherlock life in the series—a bit of Lestrade, Sherlock’s cockiness in Scotland Yard, and interlocked mysteries that show how interconnected everything is in the world. 

2. Even the editing is a bit reminiscent of the series.

One of the marvels of the Sherlock series is the brilliance in its editing and post-processing. That meant transitions were not just cut-to-cut of scenes, but were magnificently done to give us a glimpse of how Sherlock’s mind works. 

Enola brings a little bit of this in its quirky editing. It may be a nod to Sherlock, but could also be a reinterpretation of how chapters or illustrations might be presented in books (since it’s based on the Enola Holmes Mysteries series). 

3. Victorian London is such a beauty to watch!

Since the Sherlock series was set in modern Britain, seeing Sherlock Holmes and Enola’s sleuthing in all its old British glory is so refreshing to see. It’s very much like Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes movie in 2009, but younger and less gritty.

If you’ve also seen Stranger Things, it’s so refreshing to Millie Bobby Brown out of those baggy clothes and into something fancier—which definitely suits her!

4. Millie Bobby Brown produced, starred, and did her own stunts on the film.

Millie is one of the executive producers of Enola Holmes and the young budding actress admits it’s not easy juggling so many things. In fact, on top of memorizing all the lines and financing the film, she also had to learn martial arts for months to be able to do her own stunts.

Talking to the Philippine press in a virtual interview, Millie says that she knew what it felt like to not get equal opportunities as other people. Doing Enola Holmes, for her, was her chance to do what she wants, how she wants it done. She says, “For me, this is my masterpiece, and if you love it, I’m so happy. And, if you don’t, I’m sorry but this is genuinely one of the most exciting parts of my life.”

5. Enola breaking the fourth wall is an interesting touch.

The film is told through the voice and perspective of Enola. In fact, there were parts where she would look to the camera to talk directly to the viewer. Deadpool does this humorously, true to its nature of breaking the fourth wall. But Enola’s way of doing this reminds us of Fleabag, which is in a way, a metaphor to how the protagonist’s mind works.

In the Sherlock series, Sherlock revealed that one of the main reasons why he loved that John Watson tagged along with him was that he made a great sounding board. Sherlock loved listening to his own voice, and that, in turn, helped him process his thoughts and observations. 

Enola didn’t really have this, since grew up having her mother around. With her mother gone, who does she talk to? Her breaking the fourth wall could be her way of processing information much like how Sherlock does it with Watson—at least that’s how we see it.

6. Millie and Helena Bonham Carter together make a phenomenal pair.

There’s no need to say that Helena is a magnificent and brilliant actress—this is why acting beside her is such a challenge because you have to live up to her genius so you won’t get eaten up. Although we’ve seen Millie’s talent in Stranger Things, seeing her go toe-to-toe with a veteran actress like Helena says so much about her growth and mettle in her craft.

7. The romance doesn’t distract from the sleuthing.

As a coming-of-age film, Enola had to have a dashing actor as her love interest—in the person of Viscount Tewksbury, Marquess of Basilwether. (played by British actor Louis Partridge). We loved that their romance wasn’t played up too much to distract from the original premise of the film, which was to solve the mystery of Enola’s missing mother. It was just enough kilig to give Enola a taste of what first love feels like, and established how strong of a character Enola is that she doesn’t need to rely on a knight in shining armor to drive her story forward. 

8. Henry Cavill makes an interesting Sherlock.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock has been so iconic and phenomenal that there’s absolutely no way anyone can top that. We were preparing to be so brokenhearted by Henry’s portrayal, but it turns out, it’s not that bad! Given that this was a Sherlock with much more emotion than we’re used to—going so far as making Sherlock give a hoot about Enola when she tries to escape from their clutches—Henry’s mix of indifference and concern is a refreshing Sherlock to see.

9. It has feminist and revolutionary themes.

Enola Holmes gives a nice commentary about how women should not let society dictate what they can be, and that they should forge their own future on their own terms. Having strong, solid female characters—Enola and her mother—helps drive this message, without being too preachy about it. 

Set in an era where women were still reduced to homemaking and properness, Enola wants to convey the importance of breaking out of the box and taking action. Because if not for the revolutionary minds and selfless individuals willing to do anything to bring change to the society of yesterday, we won’t be enjoying the freedom and rights that we tend to take for granted now.

10. It’s a feel-good movie for a very chill night.

Enola Holmes is a fun and light watch for when you want to lay back and have an enjoyable night. Instead of the darker crime themes of the Sherlock series, it brings mysteries that resonate well with the quirky protagonist, and with the daring young men and women of today that it wants to speak to. It also carries with it a bit of the action from the Sherlock Holmes movie, although this time it’s Enola, trying to bust out jiu-jitsu moves in all of her petticoat and corset and high-heeled boots. 

Enola Holmes is certainly not a Sherlock Holmes film, but it’s every bit enjoyable and thought-provoking to watch. 

Words Jovi Figueroa


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