Thursday, April 22, 2021



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We also list down five Pinoy-made games we can’t wait to play!

This Optimus Prime toy can transform all on its own

The robot can perform actions based on voice commands or what you input via the accompanying app.

WiFi mesh or WiFi extender: Which is better?

How do you ensure that your WiFi signal is enough for the multiple devices simultaneously connected around the house?

Samsung Galaxy A52, A52 5G, A72 make innovation accessible to all

Experience awesome technology at a price that suits your needs.



How to be a sustainable traveler

Much has been said about the benefits of traveling, but have you considered the harm it causes the environment and local community? Unfortunately, only...

How to shop for a Chevy on ‘Shop. Click. Drive.’ online platform

The new online shopping platform gives Chevy customers a modern car buying experience

4 ways to keep your car looking good

While you can always set an appointment with the car spa, proper care and use of your car will greatly help in keeping it in shape.