Wednesday, June 23, 2021



Flip through the pages of Speed’s 18th anniversary issue here!

Miss the actual flipping of pages of a magazine? This is the next best thing!

These LEGO sets make great gifts for your motorhead dad

Fuel up for a fun-filled adventure this Father’s Day with LEGO Speed Champion and LEGO Technic.

Cool Father’s Day gifts your dad will actually love

Speed scouted for the most interesting Father's Day gifts to give the superman in your life, plus won't require you to break the bank.

Unapologetically real: Kathryn Bernardo

Despite facing the uncertainties of the pandemic, she remains unstoppable in pursuing her life’s passions.



How to register to vote using Comelec’s new mobile app

The app will generate a QR code, which you must present along with a valid ID during your visit to your local Comelec office.

Mark Zuckerberg introduces tools to make you earn money on Instagram

Instagram now comes with a feature that can link your personal profile to your shop in addition to your business profile.